Integrated Ag was established on the notion that we could unlock substantial value by applying strategies utilized by traditional private equity to a market [agriculture] that is generally underserved by institutional capital and expertise, and highly fragmented. That is what we continue to do again and again successfully.
— Adam McNicol, Partner

Farmland is an Attractive Investment

Farmland is an asset class that has attracted significant investor interest because of its unique investment characteristics and ongoing price appreciation. Historically, farmland has a low correlation to equity and fixed income markets, has provided inflation protection, and has generated stable value appreciation. Farmland is a key resource in the agricultural supply chain, making it a tangible, finite resource like oil and other commodities.

Investing in farmland provides attractive returns. Between 1970 and 2009, farmland values, according to USDA data, have outperformed both domestic stocks and bonds on an annualized basis, returning an annual average of 10.25% v. 6.24% for the S&P 500 and 7.3% for 10-year Treasuries. 

Farmland prices have risen faster than inflation. Between 1970 and 2009, the U.S. Consumer Price Index rose an average of 4.36%. As a result, we believe farmland investments offer a degree of inflation protection. 


Value-Add vs. Buy and Hold

Value-add is the smart way to invest in farmland.

As one example, through our proprietary investment process, we identify underutilized land with excellent water resources. We improve the land, focusing on high-tech irrigation infrastructure improvements, field design improvements, and farm infrastructure improvements. During the development process we unlock substantial value in the underlying asset. 

We do not wait for general appreciation in the farmland market. We create value immediately, and still benefit if the market values increase. 


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