An Experienced Team


Our team includes professionals that have designed, built and managed large scale farms and agribusinesses. We have forward thinking, progressive farm managers and hydrological engineers on staff that practice superior farm management and design. 

Our team is also comprised of managers with experience in land development, investment fund management, physical commodity trading, and operations of complex companies.  

We are passionate about agriculture and the use of advanced technology and techniques to maximize farm productivity, yields, and asset value. 

Integrated Ag Labs is a program we created for our farm managers, agronomists and engineers. The mission of the Lab is to innovate and test new agriculture technology and farm practices, to preserve water and power resources, lower operating costs and increase yield.

If an idea graduates the program after extensive testing, it is then rolled out throughout all of the Integrated Ag farm portfolio.

The program is currently yielding remarkable results.

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Our team members are our greatest asset. It sounds cliche, but when you have the brightest individuals from multiple disciplines working together, you find opportunities that others miss.
— Patrick Horsman, CFA, Partner