A Balanced Portfolio

We manage a portfolio of thousands of acres of farmland in the Southwest United States.  In most cases we directly operate the farms to enhance annual cash flows.  

Agricultural investing provides sophisticated investors many unique benefits, including attractive returns, portfolio diversification, low volatility, inflation protection, and excellent capital preservation. 

Value-Add Farmland Investing

We develop underutilized farmland, creating immediate value through the process. We focus on core improvements designed to increase the efficiency of the farm. 

Additionally, we will convert traditional farmland to higher value crops or certify the farm organic which creates additional value and meets exploding consumer demand for organic foods. 

Our farms are designed to grow a diverse set of crops including row crops (alfalfa, grains, etc.), permanent crops (date palms, citrus), and high value specialty crops (melons, produce, lettuce). 




"We do not wait for the market to rise in general, we create value immediately by finding deep value and applying our proprietary value-add process." 

Jeff M. Dreyer, Partner and Portfolio Manager